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Whether you want to make a handmade gift for your friend by your hands or launch handmade soap business, we will cover all your needs

At our online courses, you will learn how to make natural handmade soap from scratch

For this, you need essential oils, dried herbs and petals, coffee beans, dried fruits, poppy seeds, cinnamon, and so on

Pretty handmade soap ideas

Tea Time Soap

Once this homemade green tea and lemongrass soap is ready to use, the fragrance will make you feel like you just stepped into a spa.

Honey Lemon Soap

This is another one of those beginner homemade soap recipes without lye. The honey and lemon give it a clear yellowish tint and the creator of the recipe says it has an uplifting, nourishing scent.

Lye-Free Soap

Take this easy no-lye soap recipe for your next experiment. It’s a basic process which could set the stage for your other soap-making experiments.

The best soap ideas for beginners

Lemongrass, Ginger, and Coffee Kitchen Soap

The bright citrus scent is energizing and smells incredible. This bar has a great scent to wake you up and get rid of strong cooking smells from chopping onions and garlic!

Silk Soap idea

Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Olive oil and castor oil make up the base ingredients of this natural soap along with Kaolin Clay for added slip and of course silk peptide to give the lather it's wonderful texture.

Tea Tree Soap

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, a shrubby tree native to Australia and New Zealand. It has been used for over 100 years in all kinds of natural products because of its many medicinal properties.

Exclusive handmade soap making tips

Add beeswax

Add a small amount of beeswax to prevent soda ash, or use plastic wrap on top of the new soap before you close it for the first rest period

Label Your Soap

Adding a sleek and polished label not only tells recipients about the soap, a label instantly makes a bar look professional and gift-worthy.

Experiment with different recipes — or create your own

When it comes to making soap from scratch, you can use animal-product oils, like beef tallow, or vegetable-based oils, like sunflower or canola, and liquids other than water, such as milk, tea, and so on.

Gabriela Reifenberg

an experience soap making tutor

Do you want to make a fragrant and well-designed handcrafted soap using only natural ingredients? then you need to visit handmade soap workshops online! They are intended for ultimate beginners. Our experienced tutor will share the most valuable soap making tricks with you. Visiting our workshops, you will get to know several handmade soap making techniques, including hot and cold processes, how to create different shapes and designs of soap, and how to combine different essential oils properly.

Take this course and you will learn how to make beautiful, natural handmade soap from scratch, at home, using the ingredients of your choice.

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